The Merchant of Venice Beach: Review & Giveaway

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The Merchant of Venice Beach Cover

Title: The Merchant of Venice Beach


Series: Venice Beach


Author: Celia Bonaduce


Other Books by the Author:

A Comedy of Erinn


Release: 8/1/13


Genre: Contemporary 


Source: Itching for Books Tour



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The Story

The Rollicking Bun–Home of the Epic Scone–is the center of Suzanna Wolf’s life. Part tea shop, part bookstore, part home, it’s everything she’s ever wanted right on the Venice Beach boardwalk, including partnership with her two best friends from high school, Eric and Fernando. But with thirty-three just around the corner, suddenly Suzanna wants something more–something strictly her own. Salsa lessons, especially with a gorgeous instructor, seem like a good start–a harmless secret, and just maybe the start of a fling. But before she knows it, Suzanna is learning steps she never imagined–and dancing her way into confusion.

What I Thought

I was kind of torn on this one.  On one hand I really, really liked the friendship between Suzanna, Eric, and Fernando.  And I could totally see where living with you three best friend for several years could get to be a bit draggy after a while and you begin to look for a way out.  And this book had such perks and moments to it.  Seriously, there were moments to this book that I really really liked this book.

And then as a flip, I would kind of find myself skimming through and getting on, looking for the good parts of the book. I kind of saw what was coming with the book, and it just didn’t excite me all that much. I didn’t feel it and want the happily ever after in this one like I do some times in books.  And trust me, I LOVE when two friends get together and find that amazing love. I really do, but in this one? not so much.

It was a cute story, and looking at others reviews, it looks like so many people did love it, so I’m wondering if I just missed something? Or maybe it is the dreary weather that just put me in a funk and reading about happy people living at the beach and enjoying beautiful weather while I am sitting in the snow (and dealing with grumpy children, one or either of which is now for sale as I write this, make me an offer PLEASE!!!)

Overall, I just think that with a few adjustments and edits the story would be great and have a wonderful tone.

Though I will say it has always been a dream of mine to own a bookstore and bakery.  I could handle a teashop with it!


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3 Responses to “The Merchant of Venice Beach: Review & Giveaway”

  1. Sophia Rose says:

    I know what you mean about being envious of the beach scene right now. ;)

    This does sound cute though. Thanks for sharing about it.

  2. Kathy O says:

    Love the cover and blurb, sounds like a good read. Thanks for the chance.

  3. BrittanyUtley says:

    Sounds good, love the cover. Thanks for the giveaway!


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